Metro Woodcare's wood cleaning and reconditioning process consists of three steps. Each is specifically designed to rejuvenate tired, stain damaged, old looking wood to a "like-new" condition.

STEP 1: CLEANING - Using our specially formulated wood cleaner, we remove all surface dirt. Our cleaner works especially well on grease and hand oils around door knobs, elevator controls and "push" type doors. It will also remove built-up floor wax, carpet cleaning detergent, and pesticide residue from baseboard moldings.

STEP 2: TOUCH-UP - We use dye markers, wood stain pens, and industrial strength scratch covers to hide all nicks and scratches uncovered during the cleaning process.

STEP 3: TREATING - Metro's penetrating oil serves three purposes. First, it restores moisture to the wood, thus increasing flexibility. Second, because our oil contains detergent, it dissolves embedded dirt that has combined with the wood grain. The embedded dirt causes wood to look dull and the wood grain less distinct. And third, the wood becomes saturated with our oil. Dried out wood is very susceptible to the absorption of dirt, much like a new sponge in water. Saturated wood is more repellant to dirt.

Metro Woodcare's wood cleaning and reconditioning program will protect your household or corporate investment. Our treatment process is designed to provide a like-new, upgrade appearance to the wood, while increasing it's longevity. All this is accomplished for a fraction of the cost of refinishing or replacement.